Recycling creativity signed by Coca Cola

To engage and encourage people to think different, you need to be innovative and creative. It might sound easier than it is. As human beings we tend to do what’s most comfortable for each and everyone of us, it’s normal. That requires some creativity from the companies that try’s to make a difference. And the sensation then if they succeed, tremendous.

We couldn’t be more exited about the latest innovation from Coca-Cola! Bangladesh and the city Dhaka, has a huge waste problem. To raise awareness about the importance of recycling, Coca-Cola together with the local advertising agency Grey Dhaka, came up with the “Happy Arcade” game. Instead of inserting coins in the machine, the passers put in empty Coca-cola bottles.

Find out how it went in the video below and give it up for Coca-Cola in their job with energy saving and recycling!

The Zero Waste Home Family

Recycling is an important thing and something each and everyone can do to contribute to a well being earth.

The Johnsom family has really taken it to a higher level. They are living in a Zero Waste Home. They don’t have any garbage, not even a dustbin, thus they don’t need one.

Find out here below in this short video how they are living, and trust us – it’s worth your time! Find inspiration to start with your own recycling as well. According to what their experiences and thoughts are, and how it looks in their home, we can’t more than think that they live a much more happier and healthier life now.

And who knows, why wouldn’t the next step for them be a home with eco-lighting products?

To learn much more about how you can do, visit their Facebook page here  and their blog you’ll find here.

Recycle more!