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We had the chance to get an interview with Javier Goyeneche, the founder and president of ECOALF, a very interesting fashion brand that uses recycled fabrics, and the PET material is one of them. They’ve gained success and currently 80% of turnover is international. Their clients are for example; Harvey Nichols (London). Barneys (NY). Blomingdales (USA), Bon Marche (Paris), Merci (Paris) and United Arrows (Japan). They’ve also developed exclusive collections for example Apple, Bareys and GOOP (Gwyneth Paltrow WEB)

Javier told us his story and then we talked about recycling materials and the future and demand for sustainable materials.


ECOALF started following the birth of Javiers first son Alfredo. The idea was to create a truly sustainable fashion brand. He didn’t think it would be sustainable to continue to use natural resources of the planet. Recycling could be a solution if they were able to create a new generation of recycled products, with the same design and quality as the best non-recycled products in the world.

When they started it only existed a small percentage of recycled fabrics (only 20-30% of the tissue was recycled) and with very coarse textures. It was then to the disappointment of the existing supply that he started to travel around the world, looking for factories to make alliances with. Through investment in R & D he started to create new tissues 100% recycled together with fashion textures. ECOALF was created 4 years ago, but the first 2 years were only about investment in R&D.

Do you think that customers are willing to pay for products that have considered values ​​such as energy saving, recycling and reuse, although these are a bit more expensive than products that haven’t been taken it into account? Is there a demand for these products?

The first thing I always say is that clients generally and whether they like the concept and philosophy of the company or not, they will buy the product because they like the design and quality. I’m the first to say that I wouldn’t buy a swimsuit recycled from fish net if I don’t like the color, design and quality. In any case our products in many occasions have lower price than many products that haven’t taken into account these values.

How will spaces be designed in the future, with natural and reusable materials maybe?

In my opinion not only the workplaces, but also the cars, buildings etc. will all be made with a large % of recycled and recyclable materials.

Do you know about the PET as a recycled material? Would you use it?

Of course! We use a lot of recycled PET. Polyester is a material 100% introduced in the area of clothing, carpets etc.

Do you really believe in this concept, with recycled and resusable products in the industry, or do you just think its a trend?

I think otherwise. I think we design for a new generation of consumers, sensitive for fashion, but are looking for something more, an added value. People who seek brands that representing values ​​with which they can identify. Increasingly, people need something to believe in, something authentic, committed products, something that makes you feel part of a story. Each of our products has a great story to tell!

Thank you Javier!

To visit their website, click here.

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