RecycleLED is a technical lamp containing multiple cubes of light (Module A) and a rectangular device where you´ll find the electronic components (Module B).



The material used is PET modules. This material has a very useful set of properties:

  1. Temperature (good resistance to temperature changes)
  2. Its optical characteristics
  3. Mechanical characteristics
  4. It is easy to recycle

With this material you may create a structure of 100% recycled material. Moreover, the raw material is obtained from recycling PET, so that the material itself is already recycled.


- Modular.
- Directional Spotlights, 358º.
- Energy-efficient: The use of LED, dimmers, sensors, lighting control.
- 5 year warranty: longer life (system reliability).
- Easy to recycle, recycled materials.
- Aesthetic design, possibility to choice color.


Info about LED

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How to assemble a RecycleLED luminaire

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Download plugin for DIALUX

Download plugin for DIALUX

Create your own 3D simulation using RecycleLED technical information

We care about recycling

We care about recycling

Not only eco-innovative: recycle, reuse, upgrade, assemble or disassemble pieces

Product warranty

Product warranty

Tested, certified and refined in order to ensure the quality required in the new EU markets