Good knowledge about recycling for everyone

It might seem tricky to deliver information about these kind of topics in a creative and engaging way. It might seem like recycling for example, can be something complicated and not so interesting. But it’s actually the other way around if you look at some good examples.

Sweden is a country that is cutting edge in working with questions about the environment, and the waste management is one of the things they are good at.  There are many websites to visit for good information about recycling, and we will write much more about that further on.  But in this moment,  there is one in particular we find very interesting.

Sopskolan (The school about garbage) is a website for kids. But we can all learn a lot regarding recycling, in a fun and creative way!

For example will you learn about:

- What’s happening when we are recycling materials

- Why is it important to recycle?

- How much energy are we saving when we are recycling – through a fun quiz!

And the truth is that there is a lot to learn, things we didn’t know are given to us in a fun and learning way. Furthermore, the website is customized for teachers.

Make a visit! Now you don’t have any excuse not to learn more, and you can in a fun and creative way teach your kids.

Good luck and many thanks to Avfall Sverige for making this website!


You will observe that the website unfortunately only is in Swedish. But we think that you, by using google translate, writing the link of the website,  can be able to read the information in English also. 

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