Difference in lighting

We have reflected on what we discussed in the interview with Anna Leckström, how important light is to us Swedes – well for all of us Scandinavians. For those of you who have never lived or visited the northern part of Europe during the autumn and winter months, from October to March, here are some examples of how light effects us.

  1. From March to October, it’s light from early morning to late evening, during the summer months it light almost around the clock.
  2. October to March it’s rather bright from around 08 am to around 15-16 pm. Up north is even a shorter time of the day. We live then in the dark for six months a year. That means we go to work in the dark, when we then go home it’s already dark again.
  3. The days when the sun does not appear, indoor lighting is the only light we receive. Do you understand that indoor lighting is our sun many months of the year?
  4. We are sensitive to light, we prefer a warmer light in compare to a cold light. We don’t understand this fluorescent light at a lot of restaurants in Southern Europe. When we go to a restaurant, we want to have a feeling we might not always get at home, candle light, cozy decor, soft sound and great service.
  5. Tired is something that we are at least 6 months a year, usually around the clock.
  6. Cold, viruses and tonsillitis, we have probably the most in the world.
  7. Every year in March, we are like bears who go out of the den, or calves coming out to pasture. We always ask ourselves – ” how did we get through this year again?”

But why are you not moving then you might think? No, we live for the fantastic fine summer days we have for 4-5 months a year. With lovely greenery and stunning summer evenings.

But it doesn’t rain a lot?! Oh yes, very much in recent years, but we have forgotten that after 6 months in the dark. ;-)